Introducing Kangular Columns.

Adding a stylish, architectural look to gardens that’s worthy of the Chelsea Flower Show or a Grand Designs makeover has never been easier, thanks to Kangular, the ultimate line-up of affordable contemporary features and structural screens that create instant impact. 

Kangular columns meet all styles & budgets.

Stainless Steel – Circular Slate Grey  – Corten Steel 

Its patented system combines both practical and visual qualities, so you can quickly create stunning focal points, sight lines, partitions or screened off areas in your garden – Kangular can quickly give you that sophisticated, architectural look.

You can chose from three different shapes, in 1,2 and 3 metre heights. And the adaptable design means you can change Kangular’s appearance when you feel like a change.

A stylish but simple solution to create instant outdoor impact

The innovative new column system that allows you to instantly transform any garden or outdoor space.

Meet Kangular, the perfect partner for the customer searching for a stylish but simple solution to create instant outdoor impact.

You might be thinking of creating something practical, or want a visually striking look for your garden, either way, Kangular is just what you’ve been waiting for. This concept will open your imagination, and its unique column design will give you total freedom to create outdoor spaces that adapt as your garden grows.

An artwork in your garden

You’ve probably not seen Kangular before – but it looks like it belongs in an art gallery. Each of the three basic shapes have an impressive steel and wooden slatted structure, and each shape can be modified as you wish with Kangular’s ingenious adjustable slot and wedge fixing. Or you can design your own shape with our ‘blank canvas’ Kangular, flex your imagination.

So what else can I create with Kangular?

Question is, what do you want to achieve? The Kangular system is really adaptable. You could ‘frame’ a planted area, shield vulnerable plants, divide parts of your garden, partition a play area from a chillout spot or screen off a patio or pool. Maybe you just want to create a cosy and intimate space for a wind free G&T. The possibilities and uses are infinite.

The Kangular System. Installation.

Kangular is really simple. With its angled slotted high quality steel column, strengthened by a patented wedge system, it creates a solid structure which you can erect or adapt simply.

You’ll find it equally quick to install yourself without having using any tradesmen.

Dig the hole to the correct depth – around one third of the Kangular upright is buried – make sure it’s totally level, wait for the quick drying cement to set, then secure the slats with a Kangular wedge, and two hours later you have a stunning garden structure. Each set comes with full instructions. If you’re building a ‘wall’ of Kangulars, they can be spaced up to 1.8m apart at the centre and best of all you don’t need planning permission.

Stylish, sophisticated and beautifully simple. That’s the Kangular system.

Kangular, designed to change your view.

The Kangular Patent column system is engineered using the latest laser tube cutting technology.  

Every part of the Kangular designed to aesthetically please, even the end of the Kangular column you cement in the ground is a work of art, see video to find out.

Kangular is also 100% recyclable. 

Kangualr Large Circle Entrance

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Kangular is changing the way you design your outdoor spaces.

Architects, garden designers, landscapers and developers are seeing the endless opportunities available to them, for making outdoor spaces very special by using Kangular in their designs.